Monday, January 2, 2012

Jeremy Scott Adidas: Bones

Now these aren't new sneakers, but by god their good. These are the 'Bones' by Jeremy Scott. These sneakers may strike the average person as weird. Not to the fashion gurus though. These sneakers seem to be inspired by The Flinstones. Due to the animal (cheetah) print and the bones. I'll be giving you the run-down on these sneakers.

As you can see, Bones isn't just the name of the sneaker, but it's actually a feature that has been incorporated into the shoe itself. They're made out of hard plastic, and tend to clank a bit. That's the only downside to that. However, if you're the type to actually tie your shoes, you won't be having that problem. The bones are a milk white color.
The rim of the sneaker is vulcanized. When you have vulcanized material, it just means that it was converted into a tougher material from basics such as rubber, or other polyesters, in a chemical process. So if you're the type to sit with the soles of your feet facing each other, you don't need to worry about damaging the sides/rim as much.

The shoes material is mostly made out of leather. The white is made out of leather. The teal blue on the sneaker is leather as well. However, it's a harder material, so it might crease there a bit more than normal. The cheetah print is made out of a smooth, hard fabric.

These sneakers are priced at $249.99 in most stores they're at. These sneakers cannot be found in most stores though. You can have luck on websites such as eBay, or SoleSupremacy, but finding your size is always the problem, isn't it?

For a 360 view of the sneakers, visit this site and look through the images.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to comment if you have any questions, or input, on these sneakers.

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